Category: Traps

  • The Nepenthes Trap

    Nepenthes is one of the most attractive and impressive carnivorous plants due to the bright colors and patterns of their traps. These intriguing plants are mainly from Malaysia (Sumatra, Borneo, Java etc …). Their traps are called urns or ascidians. Moreover, many of these Nepenthes are very rare or even endangered. In most parts of […]

  • The Sarracenia trap

    Sarracenias, also known as trumpet plants, are well known to counter Asian hornets. The traps of this plant are provided with bright colors and a nectar with an irresistible fragrance for insects. Moreover, the nectar contains enzymes of digestion as well as a sleeping pill which acts against any insect having the misfortune to fall […]

  • The Dionaea Muscipula trap

    The Muscipula Dioneae, also known as the flytrap, makes them fantasize more than one thanks to its ingenious trap. Indeed, its trap is worthy of trappers’ ploys of the past coupled with a mechanism with a threshold action. As shown in the following image, each trap is made up of two sheets called lobes, linked […]