We had the honor of speaking with the founder of Lady Bug MTL, a Montreal company specializing in plant protection and biological control. This company offers solutions to counter the devastation that pest species of insects can wreak both on massive plant crops and on your beloved plants that you own as an individual.

Lady Bug MTL is therefore positioning itself as the carrier of a solution using insect species that are predatory of pest insects. This revolutionary approach thus makes it possible to use nature in order to preserve it.

These are the types of companies that deserve to be known, they offer sustainable solutions that respect the environment. Let’s be proud to support Lady Bug MTL, this company will certainly help you if you have infestations of the terrible mealybugs when you bring in your beloved plants to protect them from our cold winter for example.

Lady Bug thus offers several peripheral services in addition to the sale of predatory insects:

– Biological control (Use of living organisms to counter fungal diseases, infestations of invading insects and weeds among others.)

– Identification guide (To help you identify the invading species and help you understand which predator should be used in order to defend your plant.)

– Prevention and treatment (Lady Bug MTL is positioned as an entity that acts both upstream and downstream of the problem, so you will be able to consolidate your defense strategies in synergy with your offensive strategies.)

-The company thus offers its solutions in bags as well as in bulk! This organization will therefore be able to advise you on the most suitable avenue for your case.

Finally, now is the time to take the care of your plants that are so dear to you to another level! Visit the Lady Bug MTL website now:

Lady Bug MTL – Producers
Lady Bug MTL – Individuals

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