Mother Tincture – Sarracenia Purpurea from Quebec – 100% Organic – Alcohol Free


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***At all times, please consult your health specialist if you plan to use a product related to your health condition***

Mother tincture based on Sarracenia Purpurea from Quebec, glycerin and distilled water.
Handmade following a sterilization and sealing process. Sarracenia purpurea lives in bogs around the world.

It is an insectivorous plant that is surrounded by pure water without minerals filtered by peat bog sphagnum moss.

The plants used to make this mother tincture comes from our personal cultivations. No plant has been taken from the wild in order to preserve the integrity of the colonies already established naturally. We therefore ensure that our raw material is cultivated sustainably in order to offer you a high quality product without affecting nature.

Sarracenias were widely used by Native Americans to relieve various ailments. Going from the relief of skin inflammation to the relief of coughs and colds, this plant was prepared in the form of an infusion.

Today sarracenia is used as a topical solution applied to skin rashes.

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