Juvenile Dragon Fire Flytrap (germinated seed)


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Vous désirez un rabais? Devenez membre Carnivorex!


Please note all plants are shipped by their own, bare root wrapped with humidified towel in order to optimize shipping & care of the plants.

The Dionaea Muscipula is the main icon of carnivorous plants. The latter is originally from North Carolina and the South of the United States. This dragon fire muscipula is a cultivar that stands out for its colors. Dark red on the inside, its large traps are green on the outside. This is a rare cultivar that is sure to turn heads!

Get the plant in its juvenile form now! This will allow you to acquire a specimen at a lower price and to be able to follow its development until your plant becomes an adult!

Cultivation advice:

Demineralized water (rain, water from a dehumidifier / air conditioning, reverse osmosis, etc.)
Lots of sunlight / LED or CFL light (color 6400 Kelvin)
Soil: 50% peat moss, 50% perlite

Also, the dionea is a plant that can live up to 20 years if we respect the above criteria.

In order to optimize its growth and longevity, this plant must go dormant for 3-4 months per year.

How to cause dormancy?

Pretty simple, you just have to leave it outside under a bell, it will start to grow again in the spring.

Otherwise, if you want to control dormancy, all you have to do is place the plant in a cool place between -10 and 10 ° C and give it deionized water in a very limited way.

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