Giant Spatulata Sundew (Fresh Seeds 2021)


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The giant sundew can be found in Australia, New Zealand and Tazmania, among others. It is not uncommon for this plant to make traps with a spatula measuring up to 7 cm.

Cultivation advice:

Demineralized water (rain, water from a dehumidifier / air conditioning, reverse osmosis, etc.)
Lots of sunlight / LED or CFL light (color 6400 Kelvin)
Soil: 50% peat moss, 50% perlite

Culture temperature:
Up to 30 ° C in summer, between 0 and 15 ° C in winter.

Specific advice for Sundew
Strong exposure to the sun in summer in the morning or in the afternoon.
Half exposure to the midday sun.
Need a cool winter rest and less exposure to the sun.

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