Darlingtonia Californica (Cobra Lily)


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The cobra plant (Darlingtonia californica) is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Saraceniaceae family native to Oregon and northern California. It is the only species of the genus “Darlingtonia”. Its upright snake shape is reminiscent of a cobra in an intimidating position. This is the reason why it is given the nickname “cobra plant”.

Cultivation advice:

Demineralized water (rain, water from a dehumidifier / air conditioning, reverse osmosis etc.)
Lots of sunlight / LED or CFL light (color 6400 Kelvin)
Soil: 50% peat moss, 50% perlite

In order to optimize its growth and longevity, this plant must go dormant for 3-4 months per year.

How to cause dormancy?

Pretty simple, you just have to leave it outside under an insulated bell or straw, it will start to grow again in the spring.

Otherwise, if you want to control dormancy, all you have to do is place the plant in a cool place between -10 and 10 ° C and give it deionized water in a very limited way.

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