CarnivoSkull T-Shirt – Benobi x Carnivorex Collab


Vous désirez un rabais? Devenez membre Carnivorex!
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In collaboration with Montreal tattoo artist Benobi, here is the first edition of the CarnivoSkull t-shirt from the Benobi x Carnivorex collection.

Do you want to encourage the vision of Carnivorex?

The best way to encourage us is to spread our vision by carrying our brand.

Are your friends asking you questions? Now is the perfect time to be our best ambassadors. Share your passion for carnivorous plants and by the same token educate those around you about protecting their environment.

Become part of the Carnivorex community now and proudly wear this symbol of nature conservation!

The T-Shirts are printed by a Quebec company to encourage the local economy.

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