The Adantate Dionaea Muscipula traps can be up to 3 cm long and have an unusually wide opening. The outer edge of each lobe is thickened, but the marginal cilia are either very short and reduced to bumps, or, on some traps, completely absent. In summer Dionaea ‘Adentate’ C. Paul produces upright leaves up to 5 cm long with very narrow bases and petioles.

When grown in full sun, the interior of Dionaea ‘Adentate’ C. Paul traps and marginal cilia develop a blood red coloration, while the outer surfaces of the lobes are yellowish orange or may be tinged with red. The base of the leaves may also turn reddish near the rhizome. This cultivar can be easily propagated by leaf or rhizome cuttings.

Source: ICPS Dionaea Adentate

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