Dionaea A2 HvSchmeling is a sister plant to the famous cultivar, Dionaea B52, producing some of the biggest traps of any fly trap.

This cultivar was created and propagated by Henning von Schmeling in the early 2000s, Dionaea A2 HvSchmeling is one of seven seedlings resulting from the self-pollination of a cultivar of Dionaea Muscipula which Henning nicknamed “Carolina Giant”. The seven seedlings were originally named “A1”, “A2”, “A3”, etc.

“A1” being the larger plant and later renamed Dionaea “B52” B. Rice, in honor of the great American bomber plane.

Dionaea ‘A2’ HvSchmeling is a variety of Dionaea Muscipula highly sought after by collectors. It is now widely distributed in the United States after being lab grown in 2010 by Matt Miller and distributed through his FlytrapStore nursery.

Source: ICPS Dionaea ‘A2’ H.v.Schmeling

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