The unique characteristics were evident in young plants of Dionaea muscipula of the cultivar Ax. The early season petioles have an erect habit and present the first traps with very small teeth which will be absent in the following ones and will give the plant the appearance of an ax, hence the name “Ax” which, in English means ax. The adult leaves are about 6 cm long and the traps have a slender shape, they narrow in the furthest part of the petiole and reach 16-17 mm.

The formation of a red line on the edge of the adult traps in the area at the base of the teeth will make the axes of this unique specimen appear even bloodier. Towards the end of the season, the last traps will be prostrate with the formation of teeth and a red / orange color on the surface of the interior trap surfaces.

Source: ICPS Dionaea Axe