Dionaea ‘Angelwings’ S. Leonhardt produces decumbent leaves that are up to 4.5 cm long. The bases of the leaves are short and narrow, and the petioles are considerably reduced or barely visible.

The traps have a large opening of up to 180 degrees. and the lobes of the traps are often laid flat on the surface of the substrate. The edges of the lobes may be curved backwards or the lobes may be fully revolved. The marginal eyelashes are short and often coiled or curved in various directions. The traps are not completely close.

The bases of the leaves are always a pure yellowish green, while the marginal cilia and the internal surfaces of the traps are orange, pink or light red. Dionaea ‘Angelwings’ S. Leonhardt is easily propagated by leaf cuttings.

Source: ICPS Dionaea Angelwings

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